Is Clazzio just a seat cover or upholstery replacement?
Clazzio is a seat cover that goes over the existing seats.

 Can I install it by myself?
Yes, you can install it by yourself by following the step by step instruction manual.

 Do I need to remove the seats for installation?
You do not need to remove the seats, except for rear seats of some vehicles.

 Is it possible to order a custom color, such as two tone or different stitching?
Yes, we can make covers per your request.

 My car is not in the list. Is it possible to order for my car?
Contact us.

 How long does it take for installation?
It usually takes one person about 2 hours to finish.
(This may vary depending on the person and vehicles.) 

 What is included in the kit?
The kit includes seat covers for all seats with headrests,  some armrests (See your vehicle diagram)  and instruction manual.

 If I install Clazzio, what will happen to the side impact airbag?
We use thread designed for the side impact airbag. It has been proven that Clazzio does not have any effect on the deployment of the side impact airbag.

 I need seat covers for the front seats only. Is it possible to order for the front seat only?
Yes, Contact us
 I have been using Clazzio seat covers and only the driver’s seat is dirty. Is it possible to order for the driver’s seat only? 
Yes, we can take the order by the piece, even for a headrest.